Sunday, February 24, 2013


You know those times when you're just too sick to do anything but think?
Well, i have had one of those experiences the past couple days. No fun.
But during the time I've spent under the weather, i have had a good
opportunity to think.

I began to think about how miserable i was and how awful i felt.
I have been sick more than the average person--ever since i
was a baby. That can be a  depressing thought. No
one enjoys being sick. I can be a wimp. But each time i have
been sick, i have always had someone there to take care of
or help me. There are so many people, children even, who
have never had the luxury of being taken care of--for any reason.
Then, i began to think of what kind of life these poor people

Here i am, laying on my very own comfortable bed, with plenty
of warm blankets and gatorade. Wearing comfy pjs. I have my laptop
and ipod, i'm watching netfix and tweeting about my miserable condition
and there are those who wouldn't even know what those terms mean.
There are people texting me saying how bad they feel for me, yet
we can choose to not think twice about people in Africa or other countries
who are dying of diseases or starving--Things that can be cured in my country.

How selfish are we--how selfish am I? Why is it that i can complain because i
don't have this, or don't work here. why do i worry because i don't
don't live in this place, or that i don't know how i'll afford college?
That, my friends, is selfish.

Material things are not as important as the world says they are.
In 10 years, even next year, it will not matter weather the boots
i wear to stop and shop are uggs or not. If i'm seen using normal chapstick
or if it's been ordered from bare minerals. IT DOESN'T MATTER.

what if while driving past that homeless
woman on the side of the street who looks cold, i just took off my coat and
gave it to her? Or that less fortunate person, maybe i made a meal for them?
What if that one person who drives me crazy, i mailed a starbucks gift card to?
Would that kill me?? NO. 

Perhaps the reason God chooses to bless me with
these things is so that i can bless others and show the love to them that
God so freely pours out on me.

Here is my challenge for this week, give something away, knowing
that your reward is in heaven. Knowing that YOU may be the only
glimpse of Christ that someone will see. Knowing that God can
use the smallest act of your love to be HIS love to someone else--whether
they deserve it or not.