Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Me time

This week has been a week like no other,
absolutely and completely filled to overflowing with "things."
I have been stretched in every way possible...emotionally,
physically (sickness again), mentally....the whole shebang.

I cannot express my excitement right now, though.
We just received word that classes are cancelled and i could
not be more thrilled! let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

I am currently curled up in bed with my favorite soft furry throw blanket.
I am  wearing a hoodie and yoga pants.
(Both of which i praise Jesus for every day.)
I am smelling hot chocolate from my purple keurig i'm and about to
pull out some chocolate, watch say yes to the dress
and have some me time.
because...i can.

No more books, no more walking in the cold,
no more writing, no more studying.
everyone needs a little 'me time' every now and again.
i am taking mine tonight, and it feels great.

i would strongly encourage this to anyone,
if it's possible, set the books down, brew
some coffee, eat some chocolate, and curl up.
it'll do a world of good, i promise.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daily Shenanigans

I am sorry it has been so long since i last blogged. Things have been just a tad bit out of control since the end of last semester. To start with, i moved out of where i had been living during finals week. Which, although it sounds very stressful, was such a blessing. That place was one of the worst experiences of my life. While i was there i met some of the most hateful people i have ever come into contact with and was very ready to move out. I love where i am now, though. The classes that i am taking are going well. I'm taking quite a few more credits than i did last semester so my hours are pretty much all accounted for. 

I am so thankful to be back in virginia. Erik came to visit me the weekend after school started and i realized just how glad i am to not be 12 hours away from him anymore. He is such a blessing to me and i am so blessed that he is willing to come see me when he knows i need him. We had a great time together. 

We have definitely been under a cold spell here. The way the campus is laid out is in such a way that i have to walk quite a ways in order to get to anywhere that i need to get, so the weather and wind have been a killer. I'm from New England and even i say it is absolutely freezing. It wasn't until the end of last week that it started to warm up a little tiny bit. I have been wearing hats, gloves, and layers everywhere that i go. it's crazy. 

Coffee and books have been consuming my life lately and i think i need to get back to that now since i have a lot of work to do. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

GIllville and the game...

There is this thing at liberty where students can get together the night before the game and campout, eat pizza, drink hot chocolate, and be woken up by coach Gill who brings donuts and orange juice. It was 28 degrees outside. freezing. i was wearing 11 layers and had just as many blankets. it was fun though, with my girls hannah, grace, and liz. because we gillvilled, we got early entrance to the football game and then we were chosen to go and watch the game with the chancellor and his wife. it was great:)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

All aboard the hot mess express!

so everyone, please pardon me while i say for a minute how awesome these girls are. Hannah and Grace are two incredible Liberty Ladies who have helped me through the past couple weeks. I met hannah a couple three years ago doing CEF in Richmond. we recently rekindled our friendship and she is becoming one of my closest friends. She introduced me to grace who is great. i didn't even know that we have the same early morning class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (just goes to show how tired i am these days. ha!) she is just one bundle of sunshine and such a blessing to me. 

There has been a lot going on lately and hannah and grace have been very encouraging to me. when i told hannah i was having a rough week she invited me to stay the weekend with her and grace on the other side of our campus. when i got there she had it all set up perfectly and, if you look at the picture below, you'll see she even got new england coffee for me so i would feel more at home. what a gem she is:) 
we made a spontaneous surprise trip to richmond to see some friends and it was so fun. nothing like early morning adventures with that girl. it was such a great weekend away. 

We were extremely tired by the end of our weekend so we now have our very own hashtag as seen below (#hotmessexpress). this is us. we are both the run around and take care of everything kind of people and so it certainly suits the both of us. Starbucks even puts it on our pumpkin spice lattes. it's great. 

a pleasant surprise!

It had been a rough couple of days and i was really stressing over an exam that was coming up. Just as i closed my book to take a study break i told my study-buddy that i wish i could see some people from home and was really craving a hot dog. Right after those words left my mouth i got a text from my friend Holly saying she and her family were going to be at LU for a football game and she asked if i would like to join them and have some hot dogs at halftime. how cool is that?! i said yes of course. it was such a blessing to see their family and just take a break. i love them all so much and i'm so grateful for the opportunity they gave me to spend some time with them:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

a special weekend :)

so far, my favorite thing about being here is that i am closer to the one i love. He came to visit me last weekend and we had some fun times. we went to thomas road for church on sunday (a little bigger than we're used to, but it was a great experience.) it was a nice relaxing weekend for the both of us. even though it was really hard to say goodbye, as always, it was so special to see him and i can't wait to see him soon:)

happy birthday, sydney!

my friend had a birthday last weekend and we went to bloop ( a fro yo place) and celebrated :)