Monday, July 15, 2013

berry picking

Last saturday i went with the reimers family to a berry picking farm in Connecticut to get red raspberries, black raspberries and blueberries! they were so yummy:) on the way home we stopped at moolicious ice cream to get a pre-dinner treat (i got my usual strawberry cheesecake in a sugar cone). It was great! when we were going to get our picture taken it was funny that they said "would you mind taking our family's picture?" guess i'm their other daughter :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Summer is in full swing and it is great! I'm getting a little but stressed with handling some of the final details for school in the fall, but it will all turn out fine. (i'm hoping!) Many of my summer days, lately, have been spent by the pool and it is wonderful. There is precious little that is as refreshing as a cold drink or ice cream by the pool in the sun. seriously. i love it. I can't believe it is already over half way over for me!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

Someone once said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Although being away from Erik has been one of the most difficult experiences of my entire life, it has caused me to treasure, even more, every second I spend with him. He came to visit for the fourth of July weekend. Honestly, i'm pretty sure the amount of excitement built up in me when I meet him at the airport is one of the most fantastic feelings. ever. It was a short visit, but we sure made the most of all the time. We had some nice little dates at panera, our favorite local Chinese place, the pool and a few others. It was very special. Each time he leaves I have a terrible time saying goodbye, so I usually go get a burger and fries with Jess and Shan, then go begin a new countdown for the next time i will see him again! That new number is 31 days! (When I move down to VA for school.) I am so excited for the many more memories i will make with him in the years to come.

What to get for my birthday boy...

Usually, i have a very difficult time choosing gifts for that boyfriend of mine. But this year i was determined to get something that could hold some sort of sentimental value. So i began to think--then i came up with the idea of making a basket of some stuff that i knew would show that even if it was kind of lame...i tried and meant well. I got a basket, (like the plastic ones that are everywhere.) an assortment of some of his favorite candies, a card, a book on different ways to tie a neck tie, and make him a whole passel of "open when" letters. I call it the all about you basket. Just with special things that reminded us of certain things or memories, or just things that would show that i listened and payed attention to the things that he would comment on that he likes. Now, knowing me, it should come as no surprise that i forgot to take pictures of everything i put in there or of the finished product (which i was surprisingly happy with by the way.) but it turned out well and he liked it so i thought i'd share:)