Monday, August 19, 2013

the jammed door knob encounter part 2

if you read my post from a few days ago you should know that i was locked in the bathroom in the middle of the night and had to call for help.  well, i submitted a work order for this obvious issue. no one came immediately. however, katlyn forgot and let the door latch. from there it all spiraled down. she got locked in. i tried and tried and tried to get the poor girl out of the bathroom! we called the SLCs, the RAs, the RD and eventually the LUPD. it took about half hour, but we did eventually get her out of there!

church and tea with hannah

so i know this really nice girl and we were looking for somewhere to go to church. i was able to get the address to the same church my uncle went to while he was here at liberty and we plugged it in to the gps:) it was great! we went to panera after church for some rainy day soup and salad. from there we went and got some tea, truvia (because we try to be healthy;) and 2 mugs. we went back and had a nice cup of green chai was so yummy and perfect for the last relaxing day before classes started.

Friday, August 16, 2013

college, paris, and jammed door knobs?

My first week is about to start up and i'm getting excited:) It was hard to say goodbye to my family and i have to try not to think about Leah too much because when i do i start to cry. it's the worst! My room is looking more like i wanted it too and my paris theme is working wonderfully! :)

The kids i supervised in ct before i left sent me with a package to open when i was alone at school and i opened it yesterday after my parents left. it was the most precious thing! they all wrote down or drew pictures of something we did together that was a fun memory for them or something new i taught them. i cried. hard. for a long time because it was just that sweet! i miss them so much. My friend Jessica did the same thing and i am just amazed at how much love and support people have shown me. amazing.

also...want to hear a funny story? last night i decided to take a late shower. i turned on the water and the faucet thing started whistling wicked loud. i thought it would explode. i finally fixed it though. (super woman, yes i know.) after my shower i went to open the door and, much to my terrifiedness (which i know is not a word.) the knob was jammed and i literally could not get out. i tried and tried to turn that darn handle for like 5 minutes and my hands were bright red from trying! finally, i yelled enough to get somebody's attention who got someone who had some tools and i was able to get out. i do not wish to experience that again any time soon!