Friday, May 31, 2013

a few more things off my wish-list

There were a couple things i really wanted for when i start college in august:

1. camelbak water bottle
2. North Face back-pack.

After my graduation party, i decided to take some of the money and spend it on
this fantastic back pack and camelbak. i was so excited to get them in the mail yesterday!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

something i used to take for granted...

There are some things that i used to take for granted...a lot.
one of those things is being able to spend time with this guy.
I remember when we could plan to have breakfast together every other day.
a bacon and cheese omelet with home made hash brown potatoes was the usual order.
I remember being able to say "i want pizza tonight" and ten minutes later i was at his
house and we were eating napolis pizza.
There were times when i'd be having a bad day and a just little while after telling
him that on the phone, he'd come by my house and surprise me with a box of chocolate and just spend time with me while i drank tea and ate chocolate and told him all about it.
(of course he would just drink water because he would never drink tea...ever.)
Then i remember crying my eyes out on my porch the day before he left for college knowing
i'd only be able to see him for a weekend here or there--if only i had known what would
happen soon.
I remember having to tell him that i was moving. and not just to another town, but to another
state...way up north. can we say worst day ever?
It finally happened, i won't ever forget him to stopping by at 6am the morning
we were going to leave sp that he could say goodbye to me.
honestly, it was terrible. i'm pretty sure i cried the whole way to our new home.
He came to visit me a week ago and it was, for sure, the BEST time i've ever
spent with him. when you get so used to living without someone and suddenly you can be with them
all the time, it is quite enjoyable. I enjoyed every single minute we spent together. from rigorous hiking trips to him making me egg sandwiches in the middle of the night. He is the greatest. (i was so happy that my amazing aunt and photographer helped us capture some of our time together with a quick photo shoot!:))
I felt like a true queen the whole time he was here. I mean, how many guys would be willing to spend
a day at the mall looking for shoes? or spend an entire morning rushing around making finger sandwiches and egg salad for a graduation party? We had so much fun. it was tough saying goodbye, but i am looking forward to seeing him again soon.