Saturday, March 2, 2013

lazy days

Lazy days are something i used to like a lot. It used to be that on such days
i would meet someone at starbucks, or go to sweet frog and the mall
or hang out and watch movies with Erik, but since we have moved that
has not been the case. Lazy days consist of either tons of school or just
painting and repainting my nails--alone.
The past few weeks i have realized that i think those very lonely days will perhaps
be fewer and farther between than they have been--thankfully!

This is a little late but lately CC has been cancelled for random reasons and so
I've been free for the most part the past two Thursdays.

A friend of mine has Thursdays off from work and school so it worked out
great for me to go over to her house and make it a tea/cake/movie/crocheting day:)

It's been great to get to know her and her sister. Since we've moved i really
haven't met many people at all so I am just normally trying to fill my time at
home with something to do by myself. What a blessing they are :)

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