Friday, August 16, 2013

college, paris, and jammed door knobs?

My first week is about to start up and i'm getting excited:) It was hard to say goodbye to my family and i have to try not to think about Leah too much because when i do i start to cry. it's the worst! My room is looking more like i wanted it too and my paris theme is working wonderfully! :)

The kids i supervised in ct before i left sent me with a package to open when i was alone at school and i opened it yesterday after my parents left. it was the most precious thing! they all wrote down or drew pictures of something we did together that was a fun memory for them or something new i taught them. i cried. hard. for a long time because it was just that sweet! i miss them so much. My friend Jessica did the same thing and i am just amazed at how much love and support people have shown me. amazing.

also...want to hear a funny story? last night i decided to take a late shower. i turned on the water and the faucet thing started whistling wicked loud. i thought it would explode. i finally fixed it though. (super woman, yes i know.) after my shower i went to open the door and, much to my terrifiedness (which i know is not a word.) the knob was jammed and i literally could not get out. i tried and tried to turn that darn handle for like 5 minutes and my hands were bright red from trying! finally, i yelled enough to get somebody's attention who got someone who had some tools and i was able to get out. i do not wish to experience that again any time soon!

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