Thursday, October 31, 2013

All aboard the hot mess express!

so everyone, please pardon me while i say for a minute how awesome these girls are. Hannah and Grace are two incredible Liberty Ladies who have helped me through the past couple weeks. I met hannah a couple three years ago doing CEF in Richmond. we recently rekindled our friendship and she is becoming one of my closest friends. She introduced me to grace who is great. i didn't even know that we have the same early morning class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (just goes to show how tired i am these days. ha!) she is just one bundle of sunshine and such a blessing to me. 

There has been a lot going on lately and hannah and grace have been very encouraging to me. when i told hannah i was having a rough week she invited me to stay the weekend with her and grace on the other side of our campus. when i got there she had it all set up perfectly and, if you look at the picture below, you'll see she even got new england coffee for me so i would feel more at home. what a gem she is:) 
we made a spontaneous surprise trip to richmond to see some friends and it was so fun. nothing like early morning adventures with that girl. it was such a great weekend away. 

We were extremely tired by the end of our weekend so we now have our very own hashtag as seen below (#hotmessexpress). this is us. we are both the run around and take care of everything kind of people and so it certainly suits the both of us. Starbucks even puts it on our pumpkin spice lattes. it's great. 

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